Summary of training session for certification

Commissioning Professional Engineer (CxPE)

1) Summary of CxPE

Engineers who manage the commissioning process must be in place to ensure its quality implementation when commissioning a building system. Such engineers must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Understand the commissioning process and possess the technical knowledge required to manage commissioning.
  • Understand the construction process and demonstrate the ability to communicate with related parties, such as the designers and contractors.
  • Demonstrate the ability to offer appropriate advice within the scope of their own expertise when problems arise in commissioning.
  • Demonstrate ethical values that enable them to judge issues from a fair standpoint.

These engineers are called "Commissioning Professional Engineers (CxPE)." The certificate of CxPE indicates the engineer's field of specialization and the scope of his/her expertise. For example, an engineer with a background in HVAC technology during the design phase will have the title, "CxPE [HVAC/Design]."

2) Qualification Certification

Qualification requirements: Yes
Number of training hours: 18 hours (three days). The qualification is granted upon passing the exam given at the end of the training period.

Professional Requirements for Commissioning Professional Engineers (CxPE) (Updated July 2013)
Note: The areas of expertise demanded in commissioning encompasses, but are not limited to, some or all HVAC systems and equipment. Moreover, in practice, the project details vary according to the contract concluded with the client. Therefore, the scope of the engineer's responsibilities is not limited to the above.
Requirements (All of the requirements from Education and below must be met.) CxPE[BE/PH] *
Details of the Qualification Conduct performance management as a member of the commissioning managing team within his/her area of expertise.
Education A bachelor's degree in science and engineering from a four-year university or above (or the equivalent).
However, even if the candidate is a graduate of a technical college or possesses a non-science and engineering university degree, he/she will be deemed eligible if he/she has 20 years or more of professional experience.
Professional Experience

Professional experience of 5 years or more in at least one of the following processes for the system(s) subject to performance inspection within his/her field of expertise:

  • Planning or design
  • Construction or construction management
  • Experiments, inspections, controls, or operational analysis

In addition, the subject must have 10 years or more of professional experience combined with any of the above.

Qualifications Required in Advance

Possession of two or more of the following qualifications: First-Class Facility Design Architect; Building Services Architect; Engineer (Building Facility); Qualified Person for Energy Management; and First-Class Construction Managing Engineer (plumbing/electric works)

Qualification Exam and Certification

Certification of Qualification and Registration

  1. Enrollment in a training course and acquiring a certificate of completion
    A certificate of completion will be granted to those who have taken BSCA's CxPE training course and have passed the final exam.
  2. Certification of qualification and registration
    Those who have acquired a certificate of completion and wish to be certified by BSCA must submit to the organization a set of documents as stipulated by BSCA's rules, including the copy of the certificate of completion. The Committee on Qualifying Eligibility will certify those who pass and issue a certificate of registration.
  3. Disclosure of certified registrants
    The names of certified registrants are disclosed on BSCA's website.
*CxPE will be listed as "BE/PH," standing for the main field of expertise and the phase of the project for which the registrant specializes.
  Example; CxPE[HVAC/Des]
・BE (technical field): HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), PS (piping systems), LE (lighting equipment), and BEMS (Building Energy Management System, BOFD)
・PH (range of inspections): Prog (planning (client)), Des (planning and design), Cons (construction and management), and Ope (operational control management)

3) List of Certified Engineers

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