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Summary of BSCA

Name Non-Profit Organization Building Services Commissioning Association, BSCA
Established March 19, 2004 (NPO since August 9, 2004)
Chairman Ryuji Yanagihara(R.Y.Enviroment & Energy Design)
Location ATC / ITM Building 11F, 2-1-10, Nankoukita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka-shi
Tel: +81-6-6614-0880, Fax: +81-6-6616-7098

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Activities The Building Services Commissioning Association (BSCA), a non-profit organization, leverages its advanced technology and a wealth of experience in air conditioners and other building services to engage in the following commissioning activities to serve the public.
-Improve the quality of building systems, their energy performance, and environmental performance-Educate and guide the next generation of professionals in the area of building commissioning.
-Conduct research related to commissioning and engage in educational activities and initiatives to promote commissioning.
-Develop and conduct advanced commissioning projects to standardize and disseminate commissioning best practices.
-Provide advice and support to commissioning projects.
-Through engaging in the above activities, promote public interests such as environmental conservation, social education, and sound community planning.

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