How to Become a Member

 There are two types of memberships: Individual members and supporting members, such as companies and organizations. Anyone can become an individual member, even if he/she is not an engineer. The membership requirement and fees are as follows.

(1)Registration fee

Regular member (individual) 5,000 yen

(2)Annual fee

Regular member (individual) 10,000 yen
Supporting member (A) 200,000 yen
(B) 100,000 yen
(C) None
Special members None

Membership Types

Supporting Members (A) Mainly organizations, corporations, and public corporations to whom the BSCA granted membership for endorsing BSCA's objectives and interests and who have paid the said membership fees.
(B) Those who correspond to Supporting Members (A) but to whom BSCA has given special consideration and reduced the membership fee, such as small and medium organizations, corporations, and public corporations.
(C) Universities and government organizations that BSCA accepted as members for endorsing BSCA's objectives and interests.
Special Members Individual members recommended by the chairman for their potential to further BSCA's activities and accepted by the Board of Directors on an exceptional basis.

(3)How to Apply

To become a regular member, please download the "Membership Application" (3 pages), fill it in, and e-mail it as an attachment. In return, BSCA will supply you with a bank account number and the required amount of deposit for the registration and membership fees. Once BSCA verifies the deposit, it will issue you a membership number and a password to access the site.

Download the membership application here.

To apply for a supporting membership, please contact the office, and the administration officer in charge will consult with you individually. (Please contact BSCA's administration officer or a member you know.)
We ask that you review and endorse BSCA's objectives and invite you to join us.