Advantages of BSCA Membership

The Building Services Commissioning Association mainly comprises engineers with a long experience in HVACs and other building services, researchers who conduct cutting-edge research and educational activities at universities, and companies and universities who are involved in commissioning in a variety of roles. The organization is therefore a repository of knowledge and skills in the area of commissioning technologies from within Japan and around the world. By becoming a BSCA member, you can share and leverage this information.

1) Access to information

You can access commissioning manuals, all types of check sheets, and case studies free of charge or at a discount price.

2) Discounts on Seminars and Training Sessions

You can get information on BSCA-sponsored training sessions for certified and registered engineers, various seminars, symposia, and training sessions, as well as priority registration and discounts.

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3) BSCA newsletters

Members will receive"Commissioning Letter,"a monthly newsletter, free of charge.

4) Information on commissioning projects

Companies registered as supporting members will have access to information on commissioning projects for which BSCA received an inquiry.